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    Useful short stories that have more than your imagination, you can make them as an album to read to your children before bed, and teach them what they can benefit from and what the lesson is needed for that, can you?

    If you are an avid reader, fond of literature and stories, yes you can, and make your lessons and raising your children interesting, and for this we have brought to you, dear readers, a collection of useful short stories from here and there, so follow us:

    List of the best short stories:

    Paying off the debt by praying for the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace

    It is mentioned that a worker used to live in a quiet village ruled by the righteous, and conditions narrowed him until the debts became many, which amounted to five hundred dinars, to many people, and he was unable to find a reliable source to repay this debt, so he borrowed the amount from one of the merchants on condition that he pay it at a specific time and date. And he went and paid the people her debts, but he was unable to pay the debt of the merchant, who complained to the judge.

    The judge ruled on the worker to be imprisoned until the debt is paid, so he allowed him to imprison him the next day so that his family would be assured of him and inform them of his whereabouts, then return. spew.

    The worker returned to his wife and told her the matter. When she saw that, she advised him to pray for the Messenger of God, so that God might relieve them of their distress and pay their debts with the blessing of praying upon His chosen Messenger.

    So they did until they fell asleep and fell asleep, so the worker saw in a dream a vision when the Prophet, may the peace and blessings of my Lord be upon him, came to him telling him to ask the guardian to pay the debt on his behalf and gave him two signs that the judge would tell them if he asked him about them, one of them was that the judge did not leave the prayer on the Prophet a thousand times a whole night, and as for The second, he made a mistake after the night of the litigation with the merchant, but it is a good news for him that it was calculated for him in full.

    The worker did what the Messenger of God commanded him and told the governor, who knew the truth of the worker and ordered him to pay the debt from the Muslim treasury, then gave him twice the two of them five more times from the money of the special judge in honor of the good news and peace of the Messenger of God.

    The man went behind the judge to fulfill his promise to him in terms of repaying the debt, so he was surprised by the judge to pay off the debt on his behalf and give him another five hundred of it to him, as he saw the Messenger of God Almighty in a dream because of this agent, promising him that if he paid the man’s debt, he would be paid on his behalf on the Day of Resurrection.

    And while they are like that, when the merchant entered and forgave the man for the five hundred dinars, and even gave him the same as the two, as if he saw the Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, likewise in a dream, promising him that if the man forgave his debt, God would pardon him on the Day of Resurrection, and also gave him the additional five hundred dinars.

    The worker returned happy, with more in his hand than he was asking to pay off his debt, and all this is by the grace of God and then the blessing of blessings upon his Prophet, may God’s prayers be upon him.

    The story of the consequence of vanity charity

    vanity charity short stories

    It is said that a fisherman in one of the countries was living with his wife and children, but he almost could not find his livelihood and was deeply distressed by his concern for his children and how to feed his family.

    A day passed by one of the wise elders, and he complained to him about his bad condition and fatigue, so the wise Sheikh took him and took him to the sea, then they stood together to pray and talk, after they finished, he asked him to name the name of God, so the fisherman did and then threw with the Sheikh the fishing net with water, and he caught a big fish Thanks to God.

    The sheikh asked him to sell it and for its price he would feed his family, the fisherman did, and he and Farah were pleased, but he remembered the sheikh’s favor and help, so he went to him and gave him one of the pies he had bought, and they were only two.

    شاهد أيضآ  كلمة شكر للمعلم قصيرة بالانجليزي

    But the sheikh brought it back to him, as he did not help him in order to obtain a return, and because he who does good and intends the face of God Almighty will make the situation easier for him, and thus the fish appeared to them.

    The fisherman took the two pies back to his family, but he was surprised on his way to a poor woman with a child of hers suffering from hunger and tears almost drowning their faces.

    On the way, he was surprised by someone calling him by his name, and his interlocutor found that the caller wanted to pay a debt he owed to the father of this fisherman, and it was a large amount, so he became rich and fed his family and family.

    After this, the fisherman remembered what he did when he preferred the poor wife and her child to food over himself and his family, and he was generous in charity, sincere. Then it was surprising for the soul to get a sum from him, so his charity came out mixed with the pride of the soul, neither humility nor completely devoted to God, so what happened to him?

    It happened one night that the hunter fell asleep and saw that he had been put in a position of reckoning, whose good deeds and bad deeds would be weighed.

    And when his sins outweighed, and he asked about his alms, then with every alms charity there was a soul’s share of admiration, lust, or deceit, he cried and wondered how he would be saved?

    If he hears a caller asking if he has anything left? It was said the charity of the two pies, and with them the two bags were equal, so the caller called again for what was left for him, and it was said: The tear of a sad woman when he gave her food, and when she was laid down as if they were stones that weighed the scales.

    His good deeds were increased, so the hunter rejoiced, but the caller came back to say, “Is there anything left for him?” He said, “Yes, he had the little smile when he took the pies.

    When the fisherman woke up in fright, he found himself repeating the words of the sheikh, “If we feed ourselves, this fish will not appear.”

    reward for loyalty

    In an old battle between the Roman Caesar and the Muslims during the era of Al-Faruq, may God be pleased with him, it was said that Abdullah bin Hudhafa was captured by the Romans, so their unjust king wanted to trap Muslims and Islam with cunning and trick, so what did he do?

    He ordered Abdullah to appear before him, and when they presented him to him in chains and shackles, he decided to implement his malicious plan, so he asked him about matters and then offered him to change religion to their religion and disbelief in God, but Abdullah, the great companion, refused.

    So the king of the Romans became angry and offered him many things to weaken his resolve and turn him back from the religion.

    He tortured him once by imprisoning him, preventing him from food and starving him to death, and once by seducing him with a beautiful woman, and once by killing a Muslim prisoner in front of him with boiling oil, but he did not do and did not submit.

    He was offered to possess it and make him a ruler with him, but he did not do what the Caesar wanted, and despite the severity of the torment, starvation and temptations, the sincere sincere to the religion of God Abdullah bin Hudhafa was proven and proved, and he was not afraid of death, so when the Caesar despaired of his Christianization.

    He thought to humiliate him, so he told him to kiss his head and leave it, but he did not do that until after he agreed to release him and the rest of the Muslim prisoners, so the king agreed, so he released them, and when he returned to Medina, he told Omar, may God be pleased with him, the news, so Omar accepted his head and asked the rest of the Muslims to kiss his head.

    Among the most beautiful short stories that you can read are the following:

    Short stories of the consequence of greed

    The story of the consequence of greed

    In one of the ordinary villages, the farmer was carrying wheat to the store that he prepared next to his house, and while he was transporting the wheat, a rat was passing across the road and saw the wheat, the house and the storeroom, and he saw that this was the most appropriate place to reside in, but how would he be able to reach the wheat and there is a big cat guarding Place.

    شاهد أيضآ  صلاة الاستخارة

    The mouse mentioned to himself that the important thing is wheat, so he dug a stone like a basement under the storeroom, and sat thinking about a way to reach the grains of wheat, and he only saw a grain that fell from the wooden store floor.

    So he congratulated himself that there was a hole in the floor, and he ate the grains of wheat, then the next day he thought that a grain of a grain was not enough for him, so why not increase it and become two, so he loaned the wood so that it became two grains for him, and so on until he thought of getting nine and ten grains at all and so on, so he began to lend.

    But this time he was surprised that no grain of wheat fell on him, as he found the big cat facing him directly, and so the greedy mouse ended.

    The story of the fruit of labor

    One day, in one of the safe houses, there was an intelligent, sane father, and he had a son, who raised him until he was young and able to work, but the son was loving brown, ostentatious and luxurious lifestyles, and the mother was busy with her housework.

    The father was tired and was no longer able to work, and he saw the poor condition of his son and that he would not be able to earn money by effort, and that this behavior would harm him after his death and his mother, so what did he decide to do?

    The father decided to give his son a practical lesson on the importance of work, without the matter being direct and the son understood it immediately, so he asked the son to bring him a sum of money daily.

    This son was saving some private money for him, so he used to give the father of it every day according to what was allocated to him, but the father was of intelligence and acumen. He takes it from the Son with fire, and sees the reaction of the Son, who shows no reaction to it.

    The days passed and the money ran out from the son, so he decided to work to give his father the money, so he did not appear as a liar in the previous times, and indeed he left the fun and messing around and the brunette that he was doing every day, and made an effort to get a source of income, so he found a job and worked with it all day, then at the end of the day he came back Tired and gave his father the money.

    See what the father did with this money?

    As usual, the father rose for the money to burn it, but this time the son rose up in pain and insisted that he earned the money by his own efforts and asked the father not to burn it.

    The wise father knew that the result of his experience and study had paid off, so he rose to his son and joined him, so the son understood what was happening and felt ashamed, and from that day he did not leave work and became self-reliant and earns money with sweat, struggle and effort.

    For teenagers and young adults, purposeful short stories can change the course of someone’s life, so make sure to gather and hang out with the family to read and tell the most beautiful stories, and there is no basis for them to be short stories.

    The story of sincerity of intentions

    It is said that in an old time, she lived in a peaceful neighborhood in bliss and peace, and there was a simple house in which a waterman worked, who used to go out in the early morning and return in the evening to his family, carrying food for them and the money that God Almighty gave him.

    He worked daily, and his good manners, good deeds, and devotion to his work were admired by the people of the neighborhood and their trust and demand, until he became famous among the neighborhood and the neighboring dialogue.

    That dialogue was governed by a king, who heard this king of the bartender whose name was Sadiq, through people’s conversations and rumors that they shared during their meetings and in the streets.

    This king asked his minister to bring Sadiq al-Saqi to see him, and the minister executed immediately.

    The king met with Sadiq and debated with him for some time, then the official sommelier of the court made him come to him every day and he watered the audience and talked with the king. Indeed, Sadiq went to his wife with joy, conveying the news to her, and she congratulated him.

    Sadiq al-Saqi continued with the king, but it was impossible, as it is said, to continue the situation. The minister felt neglected and began to lose his position with the king, so he plotted a plot against Sadiq al-Saqi, so what did he do?

    شاهد أيضآ  من هو الدكتور جابر القحطاني

    He told Sadiq one day, during a conversation with them, that the king was hurt and regretted that Sadiq’s mouth was coming out.

    Sadiq al-Saqi carried out the advice and began to stumble, wrapping a cloth around his mouth, when visiting the king and sitting with him.

    He asked the minister about the truth of the matter and what prompted Sadiq to this stammering in his presence, so the minister pretended to be afraid of the king and told him that if he said the reason might harm him, the king reassured him, and told him that Sadiq was upset by the smell of the king’s mouth, so the king became angry and decided to execute Sadiq.

    But he did not order that directly, but used a trick to do so, which was to give Sadiq some kind of roses to give to his wife upon his return, and he ordered the executioner to cut off the head of whoever he saw outside carrying these roses.

    On the way to Sadiq the bartender’s return to his house carrying roses, and before he reached the door, he was stopped by the minister, who was furious when he learned that the king had given Sadiq the roses, and took them by force and told him that he, as a minister, was more worthy of getting them from him.

    Sadiq went back to his house while the executioner saw the minister carrying roses, so he struck his neck as the king ordered, and when he saw King Sadiq returning to him as usual, he was surprised and asked him

    So Sadiq told him what he had done with the minister and what happened when he came back carrying roses and the minister took them from him, and said that he was more worthy of them, so the king silently said that he is more worthy than you, and thus Sadiq al-Saqi survived with his good intentions and the purity of his kindness and the cunning fell into the evil of his deeds and what he deceived.

    For students, we can employ short stories such as the following story to motivate and provoke creativity and excellence among weak students, by telling educational short stories and different and smart teaching styles for teachers to develop students’ skills. Let’s see how that is possible?

    The success story of idiots and zombies

    In a school in a village in one of the villages of a country that we will not mention Sama here, I found a teacher teaching for a group of students in the class, who was suffering from a lack of understanding of one of her students, and therefore she always described him as stupid and lack of mind, and the matter was repeated from her until all his colleagues considered him stupid .

    One day, the teacher had domestic circumstances that necessitated her to move to another village where she resides, and this has already happened to her.

    The school appointed another teacher instead of her for the same class and students. The new teacher started explaining and commenting, and after finishing she chose a student from the class to answer a question related to what she explained.

    But as soon as she chose him, hysterical laughter started from all the class members, and this drew her attention, but through a deep examination and the students’ looks at the student, she knew that they considered him without the slightest intelligence or understanding, any stupid and lazy.

    What does the smart teacher do to correct the concept and make a difference to the student and the students? The teacher called the student and asked him to memorize a text as he knows his parents and his name. She was preparing it for tomorrow without telling any other student and also asked him not to.

    The next day, the teacher started explaining the text and followed the steps of the explanation. Then she erased the text and asked the students about the memorizer of the text. No one answered except for the student who was mocked by his colleagues yesterday.

    The teacher praised him and praised him, the teacher repeated the matter on different forms, methods and strategies of education, so that the students’ view of their colleague changed and the student saw that as well as his teacher praised him, so he began to work hard and study sincerely, and his level improved more than what he expected.

    Every time he succeeded and excelled, he remembered the teacher and prayed for her well, as she was the reason for his superiority until he passed his secondary and university studies with distinction and distinction, and his confidence increased and grew, so may God reward her with the best reward.

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