صلاة الاستخارة

    The Rahman gift to the servants to relieve them and a valid devotional means that combines several educational, religious, moral and sporting factors at the same time, we will talk about it later in the article, but what is istikharah prayer and how do we perform it?

    The virtue of prayer:

    Distinguished devotional performance by performing actions that have a special pattern and specific sayings in each different movement, and have conditions and descriptions of performance, which are intended to thank, acknowledge and submit to God and His grace, and it is an obligation on believers and adherents of Islam as long as they declare their affiliation to it, regardless of their inner selves.

    Salat elaastkara :

    To istikhaarah means to ask and please help or aid in something that you are unable to do, or that you do not know its results, are they good or evil?

    Language: It means to ask for good in what you want.

    Idiomatically: to seek the choice that is in accordance with God’s will by seeking God’s help in his hope and supplication to Him with a specific supplication, said in a specific prayer, according to conditions.

    Is istikharah prayer is it obligatory?

    The consensus of scholars believes that asking for istikhaarah with the prayer designated for it is a confirmed Sunnah, and because it is a confirmed Sunnah, this means that the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, did not leave it and persevered in it.

    While it was said that it becomes an obligation upon the Muslim, when he abandons it altogether, and that he must at the lowest estimate pray istikhaarah as much as he can, and if not, then at least once in his life.

    And whoever urges the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, on its virtue and its completion of the great virtues that are achieved by applying the prayer of istikharah to every matter of great confusion without preponderance or inclination, even simple, for your heart or mind to all over the other, honestly and carefully, and after studying the consequences of each matter and its relationship to correct religiousness and the extent of God’s satisfaction Exalted be He, the following:

    His saying – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him-: As it was reported from the book Al-Jami’ al-Sagheer: “From the happiness of the son of Adam is his seeking God’s help, and from the happiness of the sons of Adam is his contentment with what God has decreed, and from the misery of the son of Adam is his leaving him to seek God’s help, and from the misery of the son of Adam is his wrath with what God has decreed.”

    What is the performance and how it differs from the regular prayer?

    about her:

    It is exposure to a situation or a choice between two things, both of which are equal in value, with the person’s superiority disappearing. Neither his mind nor his heart determines a specific choice, and from here he must do several things before praying istikharah, including:

    • Know and study each choice and its advantages and disadvantages.
    • Ask experts, people of expertise, and experimenters on their differences and multiplicity, and reach the greatest consensus on a particular opinion.
    • If he is unsuccessful in choosing, he turns to God Almighty through:
    • That he intends good and is sincere in his intention, and resolves to pray istikhaarah, and this intention is a condition for achieving balance with all the pillars, to qualify your prayer for acceptance, and it is worth pointing out here the need to be of a heart and mind without pronunciation or uttering, for the wording of intention with words is an innovation and every matter is not on Islam It is a return to the innovator without acceptance.
    • Wash well, and this is not essential, but it calls for purity and gaining purity and freshness to perform your prayers with vitality and presence of mind.
    • He performs ablution, and preferably improves his own ablution and supplication.
    • Choose a clean and clean place without distractions and not adjacent to the noise of television, radio, telephones, screaming, or anything else.
    • Enter the prayer and read Al-Fatihah with Surat Al-Kafirun, then kneel and stand, then prostrate the two prostrations, and thus finish the first rak’ah as you pray in the obligatory prayers, and perform the second rak’ah with Al-Fatihah and sincerity, i.e. Surah Say He is God, One and finish kneeling as usual, and give salutations.
    • After the delivery, do not get up from your place and make your mind and heart present and supplicate, and supplicate with the supplication of istikharah, which we will mention in the following:
    شاهد أيضآ  في عهد من زيد الاذان الثاني في صلاة الجمعه

    Salat elaastkara

    Doaa istikhaarah

    First, start with the etiquette of supplication from the remembrance of God, praise and good praise to Him, then send blessings upon the Prophet, his family and companions, with what was mentioned in the tashahhud, from the last part, which is the best, but it is not obligatory. You can say what you memorize, but this formula is the most preferable: upon Muhammad and his family and his companions as you blessed Abraham and the family of Abraham, and bless Muhammad and the family of Muhammad as you blessed Abraham and the family of Abraham in the worlds.

    Oh God, I Ostejerk your knowledge, and in all things, and I ask you of the great please, you are estimated not appreciate and learn I do not know, you are unseen, Oh God, I know that this command (and then remember what you prayed for him) is good for me in my religion and my pension and the consequence of my order or said: Urgent warrants and for him, Vakedrh me and pleased me and then bless me in it, Oh God, though you know that this is (and says his request, or what he wants to know the right thing in it) evil to me in my religion and my pension and the consequence of my order or said: urgent warrants and for him, Vasrvh me and Asrffine him and I really appreciate my goodness where it was, then please me with it. and mentions his need

    It differs from your regular prayer in supplication and that it does not come with the confirmed obligatory or supererogatory prayers, rather it is mustahabb for it to be after the evening prayer or in the middle of the night.

    • You must be certain in your heart and mind of the superiority of what God will choose for you, and that He will answer your supplications, especially if you did well in them and did not wander or have thoughts during prayer.

    When do I pray istikharah? How do I know the signs of acceptance of the istikharah prayer?

    You do it when things in which there is no dispute between haram and halal become difficult for you, i.e. things that are desirable, or permissible and there is no doubt about them, are halal matters, as your istikhaarah, for example, in how to hit so-and-so with a stick or a sharp instrument is not permissible according to Islamic law. By God, but I hit you with that proverb to bring the matter to your mind.

    شاهد أيضآ  مريام فارس – حياتها و مسيرتها و أجمل صورها

    The most important thing that is required for istikhaarah, and if the heart is inclined to do something, is marriage. Our choices for our daughters or sons and for ourselves may not achieve any benefit for us or are valid, even if it seemed at first as evidence of what we see today of many problems and separation between spouses, despite acceptance and joy in its beginnings. Is this not conclusive evidence of our bad choice and that we do not know what is best for us, but God Almighty knows it and He is the Knower of the unseen and the future.

    But is it true what is rumored about that when a person prays istikharah, he sees a vision that indicates goodness, and the truth is that this is a statement that is not based on proof or logic that is supported by Sharia or experience, other than that it is possible to incline your heart to the best, and if it seems to you from the worst, then God Almighty said:

    “عىسأَيَنَ تَكْرَهُوا شَيْئًا وَهُوَ خَيْرٌ لَّكُمْ ۖ وععىيأَنُ تُحِبُّوا شَيْئًا وَهُوَ شٌّرٌّ لَّكُمْ ۗ وَاللَّهُ يْعْلُمُ

    How do we pray Istikharah?

    Salat elaastkara

  • Intention and determination after the confusion and instability of a decision.
  • Preparation and ablution for prayer in the purest and quietest place.
  • Certainty that God hears you and sees you and will answer you for what you want.
  • Accustoming yourself to it helps to improve its performance and understanding greatly, which brings you great benefits.
  • It must not be prayed after an obligatory prayer, but rather it is allocated to it after the supererogatory prayers with a specific intention and Ihram for it, otherwise it is not called istikhaarah even if the supplication is little.
  • If there are obstacles to performance, then wait for them to disappear, as in the case of menstruation for females, and the times when prayer is disliked at sunrise and sunset.
  • Do not wait for visions or others, but resolve and trust in what you intended.
  • It is permissible for you to offer a supplication before completing the prayer and before the delivery.
  • It is preferable for you to memorize the supplication over reciting it from a piece of paper.
  • Keeping your confusion means either repeating the istikharah prayer or controlling the desires of the soul, and it is preferable in our times to go against the soul with what it desires.
  • Istikhaarah belongs to the person concerned, and it is not correct to perform it on your behalf, and the performer should not make a mistake in the supplication or alter it, but rather adhere to it and preserve it as it is.
  • You cannot perform istikhaarah while holding the Qur’an, as well as combine more than one thing to use in the same prayer, for it is two rak’ahs and supplication with the hearts and minds of memory, and this is not difficult if you are honest and sincere, and you achieve by personalization the desired stability and comfort in choosing the best from it over combining. .
  • شاهد أيضآ  ينتهي وقت صلاة الظهر عند إصفرار الشمس

    What can I achieve from the benefits of istikharah prayer?

    • Increasing your closeness to God, getting used to seeking His help and remembrance of Him, renewing your faith and certainty that He will take care of you and follow you and answer your request even after a while.
    • Make it accustomed to the fact that the cause alone does not lead to results, but the cause is a part, and the effect is appreciated by the Almighty, with what He knows of hidden goodness for you that you do not comprehend.
    • Removing worries, expelling the deception of Satan and his misleading insinuations, and the oppression of your psychological desires with the hidden evil that you tend to him, hidden under the veil of beauty.
    • It helps you to strengthen the performance of your prayers, and to maintain them, as it leads to Paradise, and to enjoy it in this world before the Hereafter, and is one of the means of halal sustenance.
    • Strengthening the monotheistic faith of Islamic faith in the heart of the Muslim if he persists in it along with the rest of the duties and supererogatory prayers. Through supplication, we note:
    • O God, I seek Your power: i.e. seeking power and knowing that you are mighty, because of faith in the Creator and knowledge of His attributes or some of them, despite the weakness of the seeker and his acknowledgment of his inability to benefit or harm himself or others.
    • Oh God, if You know: a certain faith with a sincere belief in God’s knowledge of what will be and we do not know it, and the vastness of His knowledge that we do not reach less than an atom in it, despite what humanity has reached of little knowledge compared to the knowledge of the unseen.
    • So decree it for me and make it easy for me: He alone is in His hand to administer, move, and prepare sustenance, matters and conditions, and in His hand He sows blessings with a little, casts disease, and brings medicine with the simplest things that the eyes may not see.
    • The preventer of oppression and the drainer of harm, the mighty, mighty avenger, with his attributes, prepares for me good and expels evil that my blind eyes do not see in the world, whether harm harms my religion, Islam, or my world, and the most precious of those I love, or repels the satanic and human schemes from me.
    • Strengthening the value of supplication and its impact on easing the burdens of life, as it mixes hope, humiliation, and physical and spiritual worship in an integrated manner with strengthening belief and contentment with God’s decree and destiny in every case.
    • Istikharah teaches you to differentiate between your own whims and thoughts and the serious matters that affect your existence and your future, because they are in states of choice and deep confusion.
    • It also guides you on the importance of reliance and abandoning reliance, and knowing how weak you are in front of the One with the kingdom, power and pride, which means the value of humility to God, and abandoning arrogance, hypocrisy and evil.
    • Teach you implicitly the importance of fulfilling the conditions for answered supplication.

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