شعر عن الصداقة

    It is one of the names of human relations that God Almighty has found between creatures and friendship from honesty. A friend always has a special place for man. Friendship is one of the treasures of life. A loyal friend is like a cure for disease and a balm for life and soul. Without a friend, life becomes unbearable. A person without friends is like a tree without leaves, nothing The difficulties of this world are made easy for man except for a loyal friend and friend. Friendship is not a relationship between two or more individuals, but rather an agreement and agreement. Not everyone is a friend. Therefore, choosing a friend is one of the important matters of life. There is a bad friend who incites sin, corruption and immorality, and there is a good-willed friend who takes your hand to The way to heaven, friendship has rights and obligations, and a loyal friend is the one who safeguards these rights and obligations and keeps the covenant.

    Best poetry about friendship

    Yesterday’s farewell poem

    I bid you farewell yesterday, I came back alone, thinking of your last utterance

    I wrote about your eyes a thousand things I wrote with light and fragrance

    I wrote things without meaning, they are all written with light

    Who are you, who threw you in my way? who moved the water in my roots ?

    And my heart before you waved was a cemetery of dead flowers

    My problem is that I don’t know the limits of my thoughts or feelings

    I lost my history, and you are like me without history or destiny

    My love is fire, so do not reap it, do not open the windows of the blaze

    I want to protect you from my misguidance from my perfume-poisoned world

    This is me with all my faults and all the arrogance on earth

    I revealed my papers, do not take heed, you will not find anything purer than what I have

    There are revolutions for good, so do not be afraid, and try his sister to revolt

    And to trust no matter what, my love is greater than great.

    be my friend

    Be my friend Be my friend How beautiful it would be if we were friends

    Every woman sometimes needs the palm of a friend and good words to hear

    And to a warm tent made of words, not a storm of kisses

    Why don’t you, my friend, care about my little things!?

    Why don’t you care about what pleases women?

    be my friend

    be my friend

    Sometimes I need to walk on the grass with you

    Sometimes I need to read a book of poetry with you

    And I, as a woman, am glad to hear from you

    Why – O Easterner – care about my appearance!?

    Why do you see kohl with my eyes and not my mind!?

    Like the earth, I need the water of dialogue

    Why don’t you see anything but the bracelet on my wrist!?

    Why is there something left of Shahriar!?

    be my friend

    Be my friend, there is no such thing as a lack of masculinity.

    However, the eastern man does not accept a role other than heroic roles.

    Why mix things up naively?

    Why do you claim love and you are not the lover?

    Every woman on earth needs a deep, intelligent voice

    And to sleep on the chest of a piano or a book

    Why neglect the cultural dimension?

    You mean the details of the clothes?

    be my friend

    be my friend

    I do not ask that you adore me so much

    No, I’m not asking you to buy me a yacht

    And you give me shortcomings

    No, and I’m not asking you to shower me with French perfume

    And give me the moon

    These things do not please me

    My interests are small

    My hobbies are small

    And my ambition is to walk hours and hours with you

    under the rain music

    My ambition is to hear your voice on the phone

    When sadness overwhelms me

    The boredom makes me cry

    be my friend

    be my friend

    I really need a port of peace

    And I’m tired of love stories, and news of love

    I’m tired of that era

    It is considered a marble statue

    Speak when you meet me

    Why does the eastern man forget

    When delivered, half-talked?

    Why does he only see a piece of candy?

    And Zaghalil Hamam

    Why pick apples from their trees?

    Then he sleeps!?


    be my friend.

    The concept of friendship in Islam

    Friendship is one of the concepts by which Islam was encouraged and encouraged, and one of the most famous friendships that existed in history is the friendship between the Messenger, peace and blessings be upon him, and his friend Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq. There are also many hadiths mentioned by the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, which talk about friendship and the importance of friendship such as The saying of the Messenger, upon him be peace and blessings, {A person is on the religion of his friend, so let one of you look at whomever he imagines}. The Messenger, upon him be peace and blessings, also called for not making friends with bad friends and keeping away from them, as he said in the hadith: “Beware accompanying immoral, immoral, and openly disobeying God.” Attributes of a truthful friend, when he said: {A friend is not a friend until he protects his brother in three times of his misfortune, his absence and his death.} The most important sayings that spoke about Siddiq were what Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib, may God be pleased with him, said: “The best of companions are those who are few in discord, and there are many in agreement.” Also, there are many Islamic sheikhs who said a notice about a friend and one of the most important of these poems

    شاهد أيضآ  تعبير عن الوقت

    If a person does not look after you except by imam Al-Shafi’i

    This person only takes care of you

    ف .دَعهُ وَلا تُكثِر عَلَيهِ التَأَسُّفا

    فَفِي النَّاسِ أبْدَالٌ وَفي التَّرْكِ رَاحة

    And in the heart there is patience for the beloved, even if it is dry

    فَمَا كُلُّ مَنْ تَهْوَاهُ يَهْوَاكَ قلبهُ

    وَلا كل مُّنْ صَافَيْتَه لَكَ قَدْ صَفَا

    If the ranks of Wydad are not nature

    There is no goodness in affection that comes with affection

    And there is no good in a vinegar betraying his friend

    The first day after the race

    وَيُنْكِرُ عَيْشاً قَدْ تَقَادَمَ عَهْدُهُ

    and reveals a secret that was hidden yesterday

    Peace be upon the world if it is not in it.

    Saduq’s friend is honest, the promise is fair

    Because of the importance of friendship in a person’s life, none of the poets left this field without talking about it in his poetry. We will list a group of poems that talked about friendship to show the importance of friendship in human life.

    The history of the word Fadwa Toukan

    To friend(s) my best friend

    A close friendship that has drawn me to you for years

    This calm and affectionate loved you, how much I love him

    I love it, it remains a breeze that passes through

    He mourns for my gloomy, stumbled soul every time

    I stumbled on my paths,

    do you love me? its history

    I have an old heart from years ago about it in my childhood

    I sang it when I was a sad child

    with the kids

    Thirsty for the love of adults

    And I could hear the women around the winter stove

    They tell the story of the prince when he fell in love

    The daughter of his poor neighbor

    Love her? The letters tremble in

    my little being

    So is there love?

    There is someone who loves, who you love

    It was my sad heart, my heart

    The little one involves his dryness, his thirst

    life asks

    About a splash of love

    life was

    stingy, stingy, oh, what

    The harshest thirst of young children when it is depleted

    Tenderness in adults, when not

    Little ones are given a drop from the spring of love

    And fill the air with aromas

    I knew her in the sad poetry of (Urwa)

    and lived it in

    Qais’s poetry in beautiful visions

    How I was shaken by the flow of feeling in their hearts

    How I lived their love, their nostalgia, their torment

    How my sad heart said to me:

    What is the happiest of loved ones despite what they suffer?

    How rich is a person when he meets?

    There is someone who loves him, how much he gets rich

    And there was no one to love me

    And he came back from his estrangement, my big brother came back

    Ibrahim, his merciful heart, was a great good

    And the abundance of his love

    My brother wrapped me up and took me to his suite

    Here I found love and ate

    Here I recovered my shattered self

    in the hands of others

    Build it, here I discovered who I am

    I know what it means to be

    And the one who loved me died, and he was not

    There is only one who loves me

    Days passed, my friend

    Jediba, enshrouded in snow, distressed

    And my only heart involves

    dry, thirsty

    شاهد أيضآ  بروش

    And my lonely heart came back asking life

    about the warmth of a heart

    And life went on

    You give, he loved me so much, he loved me so much,

    but i

    I was thirsty without quenching

    As if it was a mirage

    I heard it a lot

    You let me live it, and I was just

    I live her great delusion

    And I still roam the horizons behind her

    dive into the seas

    I search in the depths, in the faces

    in the eyes

    In my despair, I extended my hands behind her

    I wish I could speak it, touch it

    In fact, something that touches his sincerity


    It was a mirage in a mirage

    It was colorless and tasteless

    Love for others has dried up and confined

    It means in the chest of a leg of love

    Love was chest love, leg love

    A love without warmth, without a soul,

    without tenderness

    I heard it a lot

    And her great falsehood was pardoned

    She looked down on me in scorn, on

    It was a mask covering the frost

    And emptiness in humans

    No blame my friend

    The man of this era is barren and poor

    Its roots have eroded, its dimensions have flattened

    In vain we want love to grow and not

    . do you love me?

    No, answer it

    . Leave me, my friend, your great love

    I’m playing from his kindness in my long path

    I take refuge in his faithful shadow every time

    Tired, whenever I run away from drought

    my long derby

    Leave me my friend and your great love

    I’m playing from his kindness in my long path

    I take refuge in his faithful shadow

    The more tired you are, the more dry you will escape

    my long derby

    Leave my friend and your great friend to me.

    To a friend of Elia Abu Madi

    What honor is he who does not accompany the servant, so I will break your instruments, and break the pen

    And have mercy on the wrath of God

    Do not carry and bear the pain

    How often do you call them when they are asleep?

    I thought you heard the rum

    What is in their ears is deafening

    As if they have deafness in their ears

    The people need help

    Or are you the one who creates hum?

    By God, if you were (Ibn Sa’idah)

    Adaba (and Hatem Tayy) Karma

    And Galen used his wisdom

    And science (Rastata is not) and Shema

    And preceded (Columbus) discoverer

    And Schutt (Edison) is intent

    So this sea stole its pearls

    And their love for him is regular

    The secrets of existence revealed to them


    What you were not accused of

    I found the free accused

    Hanwa to the world, there is no bliss

    The world knew them, and we did not curse

    It is as if in others they were created

    As if they had chosen nothingness

    Or what you see, whatever they are affiliated with

    We pray, neither Arabs nor kneading

    They are not dangerous and they claim

    And the West is dangerous, and what is the claim?

    Resentful of their ignorance

    The strong are easy to be divided

    The sea magnifies and it is a community

    And you see it easier than what Dima sees

    And the fence does not stop abstaining

    And if some of them deny it, they collapse

    And the people are never antagonistic

    As long as the back is in control

    O for the writer and what he suffers

    In a nation that does not resemble nations

    If Bah did not surrender his dignity

    And sin is all if concealed

    He cries and you laugh at him for nothing

    And ignorance is that the Hajji cries and smiles

    It came and what it felt like to exist

    And I will go on, which is what I know

    Weakened, it is no wonder if you are digested

    Lilith, Lola Bushey, Estates

    I have seen the universe, its year

    Like the sea eating its whale

    The ruthless intrepid The Khor

    Or have mercy on the sheep?

    My friend, your love attracts me

    So that I may count between us mercy

    What has harmed us, and friendship is healed

    That the reunion is not healed

    People read what you write

    ink, and your brother reads it in blood

    So anticipate a breath, do not refer to it

    Biting the fingertips after regret

    What are you exchanged for their creatures?

    So that the earth will be and it will be heaven

    Your visit did not lose its meanings

    Glue that destroys the darkness of its light

    My hands preceded their obsessions

    شاهد أيضآ  آيات عن الزكاة والصدقة | موقع المعلومات

    And you uttered when they accompanied the dumb

    If it is measured to their masterpieces

    Their masterpieces were her servants

    Like a wind I’ve never seen before I heard it

    Very drunk, modest

    The wasteland is taken by a brother to Jab

    The elegant wasteland forgets the drawing

    My longing took him and ribs him

    Like my ribs are full of fire

    The planets are in their homes

    If you want, you can download it every time

    what to write about friendship

    It is the basis of perfection

    And what should I write about the brothers in God?

    It is a treasure of beauty

    And what do I write about loyalty?

    It’s the work of heroes

    What do I write about loyalty?

    It is comprehensive

    What do I write about love?

    It is an expression of the situation

    What do I write about tolerance?

    It is a way to reach

    What do I write about beauty?

    It is out of the question

    What and what, is there anyone?

    answer me this question

    Poem on my mind

    I have a word in my mind and I can’t hide it

    They say time has left, and I say time is over

    They say friendship is years away and low

    And I say that hearts are the strongest between his feelings and mine

    Friendship Term left me .. With the tenderness of its meanings

    From Al-Wafa I wrote a story that I write with my graph

    Isn’t all the ornaments that are forbidden to the world equivalent to it?

    Friend, don’t harden my time, and my forever is gone

    May God fill his life with joy and all his wishes

    Thanks to God, he achieves her and her heart remains pure

    And may the Lord make it clear to the eye of Dom begging her

    And the company remains between us over time, enough

    And God’s blessings be upon Taha, as many as he called out to her club

    :: On a day of trouble

    The slave comes to our Lord barefoot

    poem how many friend

    How many friends with the tongue and when?

    You may not need it

    If you came to ask him for help, you did not find it

    Except for an apology after raising eyebrows

    The words stumbled on his lips

    And looks at Zig to the horizon going

    Hiding his smile as if you came to him

    with misfortunes, throwing them with misfortunes

    And the companions around you appear to be

    Loyal to achieve goals

    And if you have to them or narrowed it down

    The days are the owner of the future from the owner

    Try your friend before you need it

    That a friend is after experiences

    As for the friendships of the tongue, they are

    Like a mirage and like a false dream

    There is nothing in the world that I like to see

    ـ م .ن منـر الخـلاّن والأصحـاب

    And the most beautiful music that pleases my ears

    Al-Bashir’s voice is the return of loved ones

    Men’s boyfriends are many

    But in the scourge they are few

    Do not be deceived by a single traitor

    Why do you have a deputy boyfriend?

    And every brother says I’m loyal

    But he doesn’t do what he says

    Except for a friend who has a sense of faith

    That is what he says is the verb

    A poem, oh difficult, I swear

    O difficult, by God, what will happen to you in this world, a friend

    Unfortunately, you sow a lot, say you don’t reap any fruit

    Some Arabs have friendship from where they have come

    To tell him, he won in you and said, “My command is conspiring.”

    He did not say a word that was complete, nor did he make an excuse that suits him

    Elijah, stop a hero’s pose, even if the tigers are stalked

    And some Arabs, his friendship is not along the way

    He cuts off one friendship

    As for the companion who turns to me, the companion will listen to him

    Multiply his relationship with Xin by the red line

    What do you have with a gentle beard walking on a thin thread?

    As long as it is a brotherhood that lasts a lifetime

    Oh hey, I’m level with my exhale and inhale

    If I come back, I fear remorse, and silence is worse and worse

    I’m not happy as a group, and I don’t have a team

    Patience is the key to vulnerability, and weevils are what harm dates

    As long as it can be buried, it is for me to set it on fire

    0 Some sideburns have nothing in men but burial

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