بحث شامل عن بر الوالدين

    honor one’s parents

    One of the most required qualities for the reconstruction of the earth, spreading peace, tolerance and returning the favor is “is the reward of goodness but goodness” and they are more deserving of righteousness and care, as they gave a lot of life, time, health and money to raise children so that the return becomes stronger and grows and becomes able to self-reliance on oneself and others.

    Why did God command us to honor our parents?

    Parents are the origin from which man arose by succession and reproduction, which arises from the beginning of creation, from Adam, peace be upon him, and his wife, Eve. They were the environment in which the human semen grew in safety, care and tenderness. This environment has rights, including safety, prevention, freedom of thought, behavior, belief, and others. But when she was obliged to take care of the new sperm for years in which a large part of the factors of life were advanced, she had duties equivalent to or appreciating the value of the previous effort, all in order to ensure justice, mercy and the strength of the Islamic society necessary to raise the banner of truth and repel the enemies of God.

    Additional reasons for parental rights include:

    Kindness to parents helps in forming secure, loving, strong and cohesive families. Honoring one’s parents works to cultivate compassion and kindness in the souls, as well as a response to the favor and favor to its owners, thus continuing the process of giving and receiving mutual just fair. One of the effects and consequences of righteousness is the righteousness of children to their righteous parents to their parents, i.e. to their grandparents, as it condemns and condemns. It is a prescribed punishment for the disobedient and a good punishment for the righteous in this world before the hereafter. Recognition of good upbringing and morals and the preservation of their favor in consolidating faith and Islamic belief in the souls of the righteous son and daughter. Protecting a person when he is weak, old and old. Benefit from the advice, experience and previous experience of the parents. For their important role in brightening minds with science and life education or through school and university education in order to preserve the inheritances that God Almighty has decreed for the servants, and making righteousness a building tool that strengthens families and thus a cohesive society as a whole strong, can repel and repel the attack of enemies and raise the banner of Islam, truth and peace. Learn kindness and softness in speech and dealing, and education in behavior, word and deed. And say, “My Lord, have mercy on them as they raised me when I was young.” Not encouraging others to disobey, as well as parents to neglect raising their children or getting rid of them as is currently happening, may God forgive us and you from throwing infants with rubbish and other things. Fighting the phenomenon of street children by cutting its foundations from the beginning, which results from bad manners, disobedience, selfish ambitions and other arrogance and vanity. The righteous supplication of the righteous son of a righteous son is reduced on behalf of his parents after death, or he raises their ranks in Paradise. On the authority of Abu Hurairah, may God be pleased with him, he said: The Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: “God, the Mighty and Sublime, raises the rank of the righteous servant in Paradise. Asking your son’s forgiveness for you.”

    honor one’s parents

    شاهد أيضآ  التشققات التي تظهر علي الاسفلت لم تنتج عن الزلازل بل بفعل تاثير الطقس الحار الذي يؤدي الي تمدد الاسفلت حتي تشقق

    How to honor one’s parents:

  • Quiet voice and unrepentant of their demands.
  • Hearing everything they say as long as they are keen on its benefit and goodness, and God the Mighty and Sublime is not angry
  • Humility, kindness, gentleness, and good listening to them
  • Giving them what you love over yourself, i.e. altruism, as they have favored you over themselves
  • pray for them
  • Not arguing too much with them, choosing the pronunciation when speaking
  • Appreciate the consequences of what you say to them
  • Stay away from them
  • Make room for them in the council and protect them with a respectful sitting
  • Leaving everything that afflicts them of bad manners, exposing them and insulting their reputation
  • Giving help when they need it
  • Be patient with your need or fulfill it yourself if you can, and do not make them like servants to you
  • Try to bring them together and reform
  • Take their advice on your fateful decisions, they are more experienced and experienced
  • Making up the vows or fasting that they owe, and giving them alms
  • Executing the will as long as you do not fear Islam
  • Sobriety and visitation and not leave them for long periods without seeing you and your affection
  • Good call to them to the principles and values ​​of Islam and adherence to it
  • Rejoice in memorizing the Book of God and academic excellence
  • Gift whenever you can
  • The connection of their kinship and those who wish
  • The mother and father take precedence over the wife and children, especially if they are righteous and are witnessed by all those around them, especially the righteous.
  • Do not accuse your mother or father, but straighten out and correct what is crooked with good patience, politeness and humility.
  • Don’t be mean and don’t cause them harm by mixing with bad company or falling into taboos and so on
  • And remember that by asking for help from God and good manners, and remembering the consequences of disobedience, you can help yourself to be righteous with them and deal with them smoothly. Then read about the righteous examples, how their lives were affected by this much righteousness and great goodness, so that they may be role models for you:

    Among them, for example:

    • Our master Ismail, who was about to be slaughtered, was redeemed by God Almighty, and his father Ibrahim, peace be upon them both, who was thrown into the fire and his father fought him
    • Our master Yahya, peace be upon him, our master Jesus with his mother
    • Our master Yusuf with his father and brothers

    The Role of the State in Contributing to Honoring Parents:

    Linking the interests of a person to his identity and documenting them with the identities of his parents, if they are alive, to enact deterrent penalties for transgressors of borders and transgressors against their parents with various forms of violence. Linking inheritance and ownership to the consent of the parents after applying the law of God first, and not recognizing property acquired by rape except with evidence and verbal testimony from the parents. Restricting homes for the elderly to the elderly with unknown family identities and punishing their leavers and obliging them to pay monthly expenses for them. Preventing the elderly over the age of 65 years from working while providing their due pensions, and imposing alimony on children who are able to support parents along with their families. Make suitable projects that can be allocated to the elderly and suit their abilities, patterns of movement and health, and make the returns free for them to invest and spend.

    شاهد أيضآ  اسباب ونتائج الهجرة السرية

    Honoring one’s parents in Islam

    The Almighty in Usina human parents his mother and here on the weakness and weaning in two years, he said to thank me and your parents to self-determination “urged Islam and is the righteousness of the parents verses of the Koran and the texts of the Prophet honorable, it is to talk: about Aaihhr Doanh Allah said: grew fled? Whitney in Paradise, I heard The voice of a reader reciting the Qur’an, and I said: Who is this? They said: This is Haritha bin al-Nu’man? The Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: “So is righteousness, so is righteousness, and he was the most virtuous of people with his mother.”

    And from the Qur’an:

    The Almighty: (and spent your Lord not none but Him and dutiful to your parents either they reach old age you have one or both of them, do not say F is not Tnehrhma said, and say two words generous, and the lower wing of the humiliation of mercy, and say the Lord has decreed that you worship none small)

    It is also spoken:

    On the authority of Abdullah bin Amr – may God be pleased with them both – he said: A man came to the Prophet – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him – and asked him for permission to engage in jihad. The Prophet – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him – said: “Have your parents greeted? He said yes. He said: “In both of them he strived.”

    The Prophet said: (He who pleases his parents is satisfied, and he who angers his parents has become angry)

    On the authority of Abu Abd al-Rahman Abdullah bin Masoud, he said: I asked the Prophet, “Which deed is most beloved to God?” He said: {Praying on time.} I said: Then which? He said: {honoring one’s parents}. I said: Then which? Jihad for the sake of Allah said } [متفق عليه]. He also made of righteousness, the kindness of friends and acquaintances to the parents after their death. The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said: “Among the most righteous of righteousness is the relationship of a man with the affection of his father after he is given.”

    Parental disobedience and its consequences for the individual and society

    • Disobedience is violating what is desired and desired, and doing harm in its various forms, the simplest of which is af, and children have forbade it: “Do not say to them an af, and do not reprimand them, but say to them a kind word.”
    • On the authority of Ibn Omar, may God be pleased with them both, with a chain of transmission traceable back to the Prophet: “The major sins are associating partners with God, disobeying parents, killing oneself, and swearing by false oaths.”

    * On the authority of Amr ibn al-Aas, may God be pleased with him, that the Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: “It is a major sin for a man to insult his parents.” They said: O Messenger of God, does a man insult his parents? He said (Yes, he curses a man’s father, and he curses his father, and he curses his mother, and he curses his mother)

    Punishment of disobedience:

    Similar disobedience to the world and double punishment in the hereafter. Poverty and narrowness of sustenance “You are only provided with your weak.” Shortness of breath with mental illness and its hatred for itself and its surroundings, the oppressors’ power over the disobedient, the lack of money and the blessing of money usurped from them, the speed of its damage, loss, or theft from others, many organic diseases and complaints. Loneliness, feelings of self-alienation, and many problems at work, with parents and with neighbors. Hardness of the heart and lack of faith due to the denial of the previous favor, so whoever does not thank people has not thanked God, and it is more deserving of thanks to those who took care of you from your birth until your old age. Groaning and guilt in violating direct divine orders and honorable texts in which their bounty is declared and the necessity of honoring them is the large number of homes for the elderly, vagrants and beggars, parental disregard after they feel that their efforts have been wasted and the lack of benefit from education, sacrifice and giving, and consequently its spread as a social culture, thus showing street children and infants neglected with rubbish and banks, family crime of all kinds, and infanticide. Losing family ties and thus contributing to raising the factors of bad and corrupt companionship and the consequent moral evils, addiction and criminality, and the attendant dangerous diseases, deaths, accidents, etc., and all of this negatively affects the state and makes it fragile and vulnerable to fragmentation, attacks, cultural invasion, the military and the loss of religious and national identity.

    شاهد أيضآ  بحث عن التضامن الاجتماعى

    When the mother dies, a herald will call from heaven and say, “Son of Adam, the one I used to honor you has died, so work for yourself so that we can honor you for him.”

    What did the Westerners do to reduce parental disobedience?

    European countries have taken care of the elderly, health and educationally, and employ them in social and cultural partnerships with all members of society through: – Spreading the culture of family interest and consolidating it through education, media awareness, books, psychological counseling, and others. A? This was greatly reflected in the rates of death and family crime there, which were noted to have decreased in some areas almost dramatically, and this appears in the frequent showing of the roles of the elderly in programs and television, such as films, series, and others. Unlike the Arab countries, where the rate of adult neglect has begun to increase, and with it the cases of disobedience and criminality against parents within families significantly.

    Poetry about the parents

    honor one’s parents

    Written by: Asma Ibrahim

    They said, “Peace be upon my world when I lost you, and the soul is afflicted with heartbreak. So after you, they are the two parents. They were the greatest blessing after peace and Islam with peaks.” Hard on you, so submit to yourselves, tooth for tooth, and cursed for eye

    The father is a role model and the mother is a teacher

    For kindness and gentleness, what is the best of them?

    All aspects of life fade away and become

    One of the misfortunes of the matter for their satisfaction

    The Lord of the servants commanded them to redeem me

    Yourself to take the reward of the Mujahid

    Sponsored by an elderly father or a grieving mother

    Patience and fatigue have earned her every amount

    I am aware of the conditions that were in the past

    Fall for the ornate lifestyles


    I sacrificed for you and chose the torture of pain

    I stayed up and struggled with worries, and I was satisfied

    Her smile fills the satisfaction of a boy who is breast-feeding

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